Connected Screens

Screen-commerce is completely changing retail marketing and driving impulse purchases around the world. Connected Screens enable seamless out-of-store commerce for consumers on the go, and leverage existing NFC/contactless payment technology. As advertising screens evolve into digital stores, consumers today can make donations, download coupons and even instantly purchase goods and services simply by tapping their card or phone to the screen. With connected screens, Ingenico Group is revolutionizing business and m-commerce not just in stores, but at street level as well, making it possible to buy goods and services anywhere, at any time.

In early 2016, Ingenico Group acquired Think&Go NFC – a start-up provider of Connected Screens - and integrated payments in the technology. With this new integration Ingenico Group changed passive digital signage into dynamic displays that not just engage with customers but allow them to buy goods and services or even donate to a charity with a simple tap of their NFC credit cards or phones.

​Benefits of Connected Screens

  • Additional Revenue: With Connected Screens, merchants can raise additional revenue by creating new   sales opportunities in environments where payment acceptance didn’t previously exist, thus driving impulse purchases.
  • Omni-channel Engagement: Connected Screens help businesses and charitable organizations create new sales and marketing channels that enable increased engagement across additional customer touch points.
  • Advertising Data & ROI: The Connected Screens enables agencies and brands to capture real-time data, analysis and results of advertisements.
  • Personalized Experience: The Connected Screens leverage powerful technology that enables the content displayed on the screen to adapt with real-time offers and rewards based on loyalty programs, purchasing history, analytics, and customer data.

Below are a few examples of Connected Screens deployment:

Institut Curie

In one recent example of a Connected Screen implementation, passers-by could make donations or purchases of different amounts (e.g., for a daffodil) for the Institut Curie by simply pressing their contactless credit card or mobile payment solution (Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) on the screen. It is a simple, safe and innovative solution for making a one-off donation or payment. 

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas

In Nov 2015, Ingenico Group provided payment integration on Connected Screens at the offices of global bank BNP Paribas, enabling consumers to make charitable donations to eight different organizations simply by waving their payment card or NFC payment phone on the appropriate screen. Each transaction takes only a few seconds. The charities raised several thousand euros with just a few Connected Screens.

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