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Link/2500 / Datasheets

Smart, sleek, simple. Payment excellence at its finest.

Lane/3000 / Datasheets

Designed for retailers, the Lane/3000 is a fast and secure POS solution optimizing multilane check-out, while covering all payment methods.

iUC285 / Datasheets

The iUC285 is part of the iSelf series, the iUC285 enables the simple and secure integration of contact and contactless payment into the Vending business.

iPP 315 / Datasheets

The multi-payment PIN Pad that simplifies checkouts


iSelf Series Combo / Datasheets

Compact unattended payment solutions for self-service

iSelf Series

Easy and flexible unattended payment solutions for self-service businesses
iUP250LE - iUR250 - iUC150B