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Compact, engaging and scalable all-in-one payment solution for your self-service business

  • Accept all payment methods including magstripe, EMV and NFC/Contactless and QR codes
  • Improve the customer experience with the best-in-class self-service solution that offers a color touchscreen, camera and sound alerts
  • Simplify solution integration, operation and scalability
  • Cut complexity in payment security implementation as a result of a full PCI PTS v5 configuration

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Part of the new Self series range, the Self/5000 is an “all-in-one” device with a color touchscreen that equips vending machines and kiosks for secure payment acceptance.


Highest security and easy PIN entry

Fully PCI PTS 5.x compliant, the Self/5000 meets the highest and latest hardware and software mandatory requirements. It also complies with SRED and provides flexible options with add-on modules and open APIs. The virtual keyboard displayed on the screen makes entering the PIN easier.

All payment methods

The Self/5000 accepts all payment methods including magstripe, EMV and contactless. In addition, the device facilitates scanning for alternative payment methods including QR codes, etc. The card reader has a customizable RGB light input which facilitates user guidance and reinforces the level of security.

Simple UI with sound alerts

The solution provides a simple and easy-to-use customer interface with the colour display and an embedded mechanical keyboard. By connecting an external speaker to the Self/5000, the device supports sound alerts for enhanced usability.

Highly ruggedized

Thanks to its robust design (IK09) and protection against water (IP44) the Self/5000 stands up to the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments and a wide variety or adverse environmental conditions.

Easy integration & solution flexibility

Due to its compact size and design, the Self/5000 can be easily integrated into a vending or kiosk machine. It is also compliant with the EVA SDM standard and can easily replace the older solutions. With the addition of multi-drop-bus (MDB) connectors (for vending or parking meters and other use cases), Bluetooth, 4G connectivity, the Self/5000 extends its capabilities and enables you to add optional modules to enhance flexibility.

Seamless estate management

The Self/5000 works seamlessly with Ingenico’s estate management solution allowing integrators & operators to easily use and maintain the fleet of devices without complexity. It also allows them to remotely perform software updates and deliver day-to-day support for a hassle-free experience

Protect your investment

Ingenico’s software components for self-service solutions from Telium 2 (including the MDB, EXE vending protocols, etc.) are compatible to work with the Self Series and its TETRA platform to

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Compact, engaging and scalable all-in-one payment solution for your self-service business

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